About Us

What We Do

Sanitizing and disinfecting everyday use objects can drastically reduce the amount of life lost due to HAI. Unfortunately, the general public is not fully informed of available sanitizer options. Moreover, all the incumbent products only provide one-time disinfection when an item is sanitized. This keeps the items open to bacterial attachment and consequent growth immediately after disinfection. We developed an innovative solution that will not only sanitize and disinfect an item but also protect the item in between the sanitizing sessions, i.e. during uses and idling periods.
This is an opportune time to introduce our product as the recent COVID-19 outbreak and other ones such as MERS, SARS have raised public awareness regarding sanitizing and disinfection. People understand that it is imperative to maintain proper hygiene and disinfect touch items to prevent a pandemic. 

Our Technology

We will launch two different versions of the product. Both products have two main components: a) a chamber containing UV-C lamps and necessary parts to facilitate spray coating application, and b) an antimicrobial liquid coating that is UV curable.
The chamber is rectangular and has enough space to accommodate tablet computers, cellphones, and keyboards. A lid on top allows placing an item that requires sanitization for the household version (SanitzCoat Lite), whereas a door in the front allows placing the item in case of the commercial version (SanitzCoat Pro). The inside wall of the chamber is highly reflective. UV-C lamps are placed at the ceiling of the chamber.